petty apartheid

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Noun1.petty apartheid - racial segregation enforced primarily in public transportation and hotels and restaurants and other public places
racial segregation - segregation by race
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In terms of content, Guy Berger has argued that the liberal press focused on "petty apartheid"--separate toilets for blacks and whites.
In his previous book "Israeli Apartheid" he showed that Israel established its special kind of "Israeli apartheid" that differs in its sophistication from the petty apartheid in South Africa under the white racist regime.
For example, the concept of 'Bantu Education' (55) was crafted as an important pillar of the petty apartheid to ensure White superiority.
I would say that the common link is that Israel's representatives in the Congress such as herself are the ones who made the United States the most hated country around the world, all for the sake of a petty apartheid and neo-Nazi state.
Botha (President from 1978 to1989) made some concessions, including the abolition of both Influx control and "petty apartheid" including the segregation of shops and beaches.