petty criticism

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Noun1.petty criticism - a petty disparagement
depreciation - a communication that belittles somebody or something
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And before the mud-slingers pitch in with another bout of petty criticism, I suggest they try running 26.2 miles in her shoes.
To be a successful racing manager requires the hide of a rhino and the ability to turn a deaf ear to petty criticism while maintaining 100 per cent belief in your methods.
Let the fact that I have offered some petty criticism to individual articles not create the impression that there is much to criticize in this book.
We should be praising and thanking them for this service rather than subjecting them to petty criticism.
Council deputy leader Paul Tilsley (Lib Dem) said: "All this petty criticism is damaging Birmingham.
Petty criticism aside, this book comprises classic literature penned by one of Canada's most respected historians.
"We welcome constructive debate but petty criticism without foundation is not the way ahead.