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or pe·tun·tse  (pə-to͝on′tsĕ)
A variety of feldspar sometimes mixed with kaolin and used in Chinese porcelain.

[Mandarin bái dūnzi : bái, white; see pekoe + dūnzi, block of stone (dūn, mound, block from Middle Chinese tun, mound, block + Mandarin -zi, noun-formative suffix; see gyoza).]


(pɪˈtʌntsɪ; -ˈtʊn-) or


(Minerals) a fusible feldspathic mineral used in hard-paste porcelain; china stone
[C18: from Chinese (Beijing) pe tun tzu, from pe white + tun heap + tzu offspring]
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father Ron, a lifelong racing enthusiast whose interest lit the spark in his son, has two shares in Petuntse.
PETUNTSE is another who has done well since being claimed for pounds 5,000.
AFTER his recent impressive return to jumps, Petuntse is a worthy favourite for the Cork Griffiths Headhunters Handicap Hurdle (2.
Dempsey was again seen at his best when he completed a double on Petuntse in the two-mile handicap hurdle.
As petuntse ran out, they found new ways to keep the workability of Tz'u', by composing a mixture of kaolin and petuntse.
7) In both pe-tsai and petuntse the OED explains that the pronunciation with /e/ is due to Southern Mandarin, but it does not assure that the items come from that specific variety.
Walker, who employed similar tactics a few years ago with Petuntse - another pounds 6,000 claim, who won five races - is hoping Saif Sareea can notch another win on the level before his attentions are returned to jumping.
Mary Reveley's pair, Colourful Life and Petuntse, have both won their share of races this term but I believe the former has more scope for improvement than his Saltburn stablemate.
It is made up from a mixture of china clay (kaolin) and a ground feldspar mineral called china stone or petuntse, allowing it to be fired at 1,400infinityC.
He has come to himself in the last few weeks and the handicapper keeps forcing our hand,' said the Northallerton trainer's son, Grant, of the 7-4 favourite, who defeated Petuntse by three lengths.
Petuntse, now with Mary Reveley having been transferred from the Kelly Marks stable during the summer, can complete a three-timer in the BBA Stallion Department Handicap Hurdle (3.
Later on the card Petuntse can complete a three-timer in the BBA Stallion Department Handicap Hurdle.