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imploy many Hands," he noted: "and with those that Furnish the Houses, such as Upholsterers, Pewterers, &c.
Thanks to that early consumer protection measure, it's possible to identify most pewterers by name.
12) Whatever the case, the cashiered foot soldiers, apprentices, house-servants, aliens (Huguenots, Flems), tailors, scriveners, yeomen, citizens, butchers, brewers, pewterers, cordwainers, Cartwrights, and so on in Shakespeare's audience, to say nothing of nearly all the women in the crowd, were not--and never would be--gentlemen (or gentlewomen).
Building 49 contains pewterers with jewellers, needle makers, and similar metal workers.
Moments after Barbara Payne strolled down the quiet little alley, she had taken the decision to put an offer in to buy Pewterers House.
The Worshipful Company of Pewterers, the ancient guild based in the City of London, has been trying to improve the public's perception of the metal.
Dating from 1717 its inscriptions translate as "This is the loving cup of the Most Worshipful Company of Pewterers, 24 June 1717" and "Drink and be Merry so that we are all friends together".
Modern conveniences have their place, but NEA-Retired member Dick Graver helps preserve the past as one of a half-dozen master pewterers in the United States.
Among them was Yong Koon, who was descended from a family of pewterers from the province of Shantou.
British-Romano platters recovered from the bed of the River Thames are followed by a pilgrim badge, chargers from Shakespeare's day, a tankard engraved with images, a teapot and a display of modern designs in pewter, lent by the Worshipful Company of Pewterers.
Artisans such as potters, glass artists, and pewterers can be observed practicing their trade.
Sixteen of the guilds were serious contributors and thus founders (mercers, drapers, fishmongers, goldsmiths, salters, ironmongers, clothworkers, dyers, leathersellers, pewterers, armourers and braziers, carpenters, cordwainers, coopers, plaisterers, and needlemakers) though other guilds later contributed and had members on the board of governors.