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personal flotation device


(of stock) preferred.
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The official noted that the PFD Programme began at the Ministry of Defence in 2000 before being transferred to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 2008, leading to the Royal Decree 9/2014 which created the OAPFD.
The workshop was held as part of the OAPFDs strategy to organize a series of introductory workshops, conferences, and awareness campaigns for the PFD programme and the mechanisms for its implementation to achieve the objectives of the OAPFD, which are diversifying the national economy of the Sultanate, enhancing the military and security capabilities, strengthening the private sector and promoting human resource development in Oman.
To support business growth and respond to the changing demands of the industry, PFD sought to modernise its data management strategy and information infrastructure, ensuring speed and flexibility.
Biesman presented his formal clinical experience at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery meeting, along with the results of a 17 patient pilot study using the DeScribe Transparent PFD Patch.
Food distribution is a fast and often unforgiving business; there is a narrow window to match supply and demand for customers, while the market is fiercely competitive, said Richard Cohen, Chief Information Officer of PFD.
Alaska Airlines' PFD sale offers our loyal customers some of our best fares of the year with a longer travel window than any other sale," said Marilyn Romano, the airline's regional vice president for the state of Alaska.
PFD manufacturers are listening, and new technologies are developing that make the chunky lifejackets of yesteryear seem quaint, and downright uncomfortable.
Wenatchee Mayor Dennis Johnson said in 2008 he did not think the city would have to loan the PFD any money toward bond payments for at least three years.
The PFD should keep your chin above water and allow you to breathe easily.
TYPE II PFD - The near-shore buoyancy vest is intended for calm inland waters or where there is a good chance of quick rescue.
After a kayak, paddle and PFD, this book should be the next purchase for any serious Southern California kayaker.
Walsh persuades Brussels to extend PFD and keep prices in Republic underpinned