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 (fĕf′ər-no͞os′, -nüs′)
n. pl. pfef·fer·nüs·se or pfef·fer·nues·se (fĕf′ər-no͞o′sə, -nü′sə)
A small, aromatic cookie typically made from molasses and various spices, including black pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg, often dusted with powdered sugar. Also called peppernut.

[German Pfeffernuss : Pfeffer, pepper (since black pepper was part of the spice mixture used in early recipes; from Middle High German pheffer, from Old High German pfeffar, from Latin piper; see pepper) + Nuss, nut (in reference to its shape; from Middle High German nuz, from Old High German hnuz).]
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