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Removal of a cataract by emulsifying the lens ultrasonically.

[Greek phakos, lentil, lentil-shaped object; see bha-bhā- in Indo-European roots + emulsification.]


(ˌfæk oʊ ɪˌmʌl sə fɪˈkeɪ ʃən)

the removal of a cataract by first liquefying the affected lens with ultrasonic vibrations and then extracting it by suction.
[1980–85; phaco- (< Greek phako-, comb. form of phakós lentil; see lens) + emulsification]
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Noun1.phacoemulsification - extracapsular surgery for cataracts in which ultrasonic sound breaks the cortex and nucleus of the lens into small fragments that are then vacuumed away through a small tube
extracapsular surgery - cataract surgery in which only the front of the lens is removed; the back of the lens capsule remains intact and provides support for the lens implant
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Contract award notice: Delivery of lenses, Materials for cataract surgery along with the lease of the apparatus for cataract surgery by phacoemulsification.
Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness and safety profile of combined phacoemulsification with 23G pars plana vitrectomy when compared to pars plana vitrectomy alone in phakic patients.
In this study, we analyzed post-operative corneal astigmatism after phacoemulsification with foldable intraocular lens implantation through a clear corneal incision (CCI) and evaluated the effect of small superior, superotemporal, and superonasal CCIs on post-operative corneal astigmatism.
Objective: To know the outcomes of cystoid macular oedema after phacoemulsification in patients with and without type 2 diabetes mellitus using optical coherence tomography.
SUMMARY--The aim of the study was to analyze the resident learning process of phacoemulsification cataract surgery and to assess the resident phacoemulsification learning curve.
Objectives: To compare anterior chamber depth (ACD) changes after phacoemulsification surgery in patients with pseudoexfoliation syndrome (PEX) and normal patients using an anterior segment imaging method.
Results: Of the 54 eyes included in this study, extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE) was performed in 34 eyes of 33 patients (ECCE group) whereas phacoemulsification was performed in 20 eyes of 20 patients (phacoemulsification group).
4) Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS) and phacoemulsification are two techniques of cataract surgery presently followed.
Step by Step Phacoemulsification, 3rd Edition (DVD-ROM included)
Cataract surgery was performed by phacoemulsification and IOL implantations in all cases.
Ophthalmologists of the Eye Microsurgery Ward in Osh Interregional Hospital are being trained in phacoemulsification in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
The 31 chapters collected here outline the steps of phacoemulsification cataract extraction surgery, from preoperative evaluation to intraoperative steps and postoperative care.