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A cell, especially a macrophage or neutrophil of the immune system, that has the ability to engulf and destroy pathogens, waste material, and other particulate matter.

phag′o·cyt′ic (-sĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.phagocytic - capable of functioning as a phagocyte
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Percentage and index of phagocytosis (Mean values [+ or -] SE) in different mice groups Groups Parameters Gp.1 Gp.2 Gp.3 Phagocytic % 43.10 (C) 56.90 (A) 43.31 (C) [+ or -] 5.30 [+ or -] 4.11 [+ or -] 5.60 Phagocytic index 0.71 (B) 0.95 (A) 0.70 (B) [+ or -] 0.22 [+ or -] 0.19 [+ or -] 0.14 Groups Parameters Gp.4 Gp.5 Gp.6 Phagocytic % 36.20 (D) 50.20 (B) 43.90 (C) [+ or -] 3.82 [+ or -] 6.12 [+ or -] 4.72 Phagocytic index 0.65 (C) 0.85 (A) 0.75 (B) [+ or -] 0.17 [+ or -] 0.12 [+ or -] 0.13 Note: Values are expressed as means [+ or -] SE; n = 15 for each treatment group.
Chicken neutrophils: oxidative metabolism in phagocytic cells devoid of myeloperoxidase.
S7 and S10 infected neutrophils showed high phagocytic indices compared to H37Rv in both the groups.
Consistent with recent pathological studies of newly forming MS lesions, in which widespread oligodendrocyte death was identified in the absence of immediate phagocytic activity or lymphocytic infiltration, (18) these features suggest that a pre-phagocytic insult to the oligodendrocyte/myelin complex may underpin macrophage activity and the subsequent recruitment of a systemic immune response.
Although, the level of inflammation elicited by both; live and irradiation-killed mature conidia was the same (Figure1a), but the type of phagocytic cells recruited to the airways, on day 1 post challenge, was significantly different between the groups.
The spleens had increased numbers of mononuclear phagocytic system cells, some of which had vacuoles that contained similar organisms, as observed in the liver.
Neutrophils are highly specialized phagocytic cells involved in ingestion, death, and degradation of invading microorganisms (MacCall et al., 1971; Roos et al., 1983; Bainton, 1988).
The phagocytic activity of macrophages was increased by adding OA 77-84 and OA 126-134 peptides, which were derived by the peptic and chymotryptic digestions of ovalbumin, respectively.
The nonspecific immunological responses are composed of four basic types of barriers--anatomic, physiologic, phagocytic and inflammatory defense mechanisms.
When a primary immune deficiency is suspected in a patient, it's often helpful to consider the patient's history and symptoms in terms of the four components of specific host resistance: antibody, complement, phagocytic cells, and cell-mediated immunity.