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 (făg′ə-sĭ-tōs′, -tōz′, -sī′tōs, -tōz)
tr.v. phag·o·cy·tosed, phag·o·cy·tos·ing, phag·o·cy·tos·es
To ingest by phagocytosis.

[Back-formation from phagocytosis.]
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2],[3] RPE cells, located between the neuroretina and the choriocapillaris, which comprise the outer blood-retinal barrier, participate in the selective transport of metabolites, phagocytose the outer segments that are shed from photoreceptors, and act as antigen-presenting cells.
Mechanistic studies demonstrate that microglia can phagocytose and secrete tau in exosomes more efficiently than neurons and astrocytes.
Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) stimulates macrophages in the drainage angle to phagocytose debris in the angle.
2]-V-null macrophages have a reduced ability to phagocytose extracellular materials.
Neutrophils are known to phagocytose red cells infected with malarial parasites (24).
Animal studies have shown that chronic alcohol exposure causes significant alveolar macrophage dysfunction, leaving these normally active immune cells poorly equipped to phagocytose or kill invading organisms (Brown et al.
But the neutrophils are unable to phagocytose and degrade the bacilli.
2]R on leukocytes acts as a chemoattractant to draw in neutrophils and macrophages, which can then phagocytose the ailing cells and help resolve the inflammation.
gingivalis may phagocytose and lyse the PMNs and release cell contents like proteases especially cysteine proteases capable of degrading the laminin, fibronectin and collagen.
CD47 binds to SIRPa on macrophages and delivers a "do not eat" signal that inhibits the ability of macrophages to phagocytose malignant cells.
In injured muscle, macrophages phagocytose necrotic tissue and secrete growth factors including FGF, IGF, HGF, and IL-6 for muscle progenitor cells [27].
Although, some infected chicks may show a heterophil engulfed SE before treating with the Lactobacillus but all phagocytose heterophils engulfed only one SE per one heterophil (data not shown).