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 (făg′ə-sĭ-tōs′, -tōz′, -sī′tōs, -tōz)
tr.v. phag·o·cy·tosed, phag·o·cy·tos·ing, phag·o·cy·tos·es
To ingest by phagocytosis.

[Back-formation from phagocytosis.]
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Accordingly, human monocytes that are tolerant to LPS present inhibited inflammatory cytokine production but retain the ability to phagocytose bacteria and to generate reactive oxygen species (45,49).
(29) Activated microglia were able to phagocytose A[beta] (8,11), and their selective ablation resulted in an increased amyloid burden.
In addition, activated macrophages are sometimes noted to phagocytose erythrocytes, hence the term hemophagocytosis (13).
Upon infection of the respiratory tract by mycobacterium (M) tuberculosis, the host mounts an inflammatory response, causing the recruitment of neutrophils, macrophages, monocytes, natural killer (NK) cells and dendritic cells in order to contain the bacteria.4 Alveolar macrophages in the lower respiratory tract phagocytose the bacteria by engulfing it in a membrane-bound vacuole.
The etiology of secondary HLH includes infection (especially Epstein-Barr virus infection), autoimmune diseases, and malignancies.[5] The pathological features of HLH are mononuclear macrophages and tissue cells from the bone marrow, spleen, liver, or lymph nodes phagocytose hemocytes which form a phenomenon of hemophagocytosis.
La droite administrative, representee par les anciens partis et ceux de la derniere vague, revient en force et veut imposer son jeu politique, en jouant le rassemblement, base sur le clientelisme et la phagocytose des partis qui peuvent amener le changement et osent crier leur difference, sous le faux pretexte du danger islamiste et des menaces contre la Monarchie.
The significantly increased absolute neutrophil count in anemic patients in the present study could possibly be due to compensatory activity due to inhibition in the capability to phagocytose. [2-6]
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can cause severe central vision loss in patients aged 75 or older,[1] which is initially caused by an age-related, progressive degeneration in the retinal pigment epithelium in the macular area of the retina.[2],[3] RPE cells, located between the neuroretina and the choriocapillaris, which comprise the outer blood-retinal barrier, participate in the selective transport of metabolites, phagocytose the outer segments that are shed from photoreceptors, and act as antigen-presenting cells.[4],[5],[6] A literature review has demonstrated that photoreceptor outer segment phagocytosis, peroxidized lipid membranes, and photo-oxidative reactive oxygen intermediates are endogenous sources of oxidative stress, which can induce damage to the RPE cells.[3]
Figure S5: tirE1-hp1-tirE2 does not influence the immune cells ability to phagocytose the bacteria.
Unlike the NK cells, the macrophages have been shown to effectively phagocytose malaria-infected red blood cells during the erythrocytic phase [17].
Daldrup-Link, "Capacity of human monocytes to phagocytose approved iron oxide MR contrast agents in vitro," European Radiology, vol.
Rather, their roles are likely to be associated with macrophages, which produce collagenases, phagocytose dead cells, and facilitate liver regeneration [87-89].