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The engulfing and destruction of particulate matter, such as a bacterium, by a cell.

phag′o·cy·tot′ic (-tŏt′ĭk) adj.
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(Biology) biology relating to phagocytosis
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The resident microglia and macrophages of the CNS are involved in exerting phagocytotic activities, donating antigen, and producing cytokines.
(37,45) Gao (2008, 2010) evaluated different macrolides (roxithromycin, clarithromycin, azithromycin, and erythromycin) on phagocytotic and chemotactic of SM treated monocyte and the production of various inflammatory cytokines/mediators.
It has been demonstrated in vitro that in the setting of hypoxia-induced inflammation, BDNF stimulates microglial proliferation and phagocytic activity while elevating the number of phagocytotic microglia and activated microglia, which themselves secrete BDNF [36].
In vivo, mDCs possess strong phagocytotic and antigen-presenting abilities and are involved in the acquisition of cell-mediated immunity.
Lower panel, mix of aflatoxins (AFs) [B.sub.1] and [M.sub.1] weakens phagocytotic activity and killing capacity of blood neutrophils.
Excess light exposure induces cell death in a murine retinal cone cell line (661W) and can cause a disruption in the phagocytotic function of a human retinal pigment epithelial cell line (ARPE-19) [25, 26].
Treating these cells with OPN for 24 hours significantly increased the phagocytotic activity compared with microglia cultured in control medium.
Extracellular binding of bacteria by neutrophil TVEs represents an alternative phagocytotic mechanism to bind and kill pathogens [29-32].
[118] Histopathology; blood biochemical parameters; LDH, alkaline phosphatase, and acid phosphatase activity; alveolar macrophage phagocytotic ability Falck et al.
Phagocytotic and un-phagocytotic leukocytes were counted under the microscope (at least 100 leukocytes per slide) and phagocytosis percentage was calculated by the equation below:
Using a wide variety of experimental approaches, including imaging assays, pharmacological treatments and genetic analysis, the team showed that when neutrophils in the blood get old, they migrate to the bone marrow to be eliminated by specialized phagocytotic cells called macrophages.