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A membrane-bound vesicle that is formed inside a cell by an inward folding of the cell membrane and that contains extracellular material ingested by phagocytosis.


(Biology) biology a cavity or area within a cell in which matter is retained in the process of phagocytosis


(ˈfæg əˌsoʊm)

a vacuole that contains the ingested matter of a phagocytic cell.
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The unstable expression of actin under infection occurs because it is involved in phagosome formation during early pathogen internalization where actin cytoskeleton remodeling occurs (May & Machesky 2001).
abortus 2308 Iomp10 couldn't inhibit the fusion of the phagosome and lysosomal.
2] modulates phagosome maturation and regulates the innate immune response against Candida albicans.
It is well recognized that certain bacteria inhabiting a vacuole or phagosome, are able to synthesize some proteins and toxins to form holes in the vacuole membrane of their hosts to escape from these organelles (Van der Meer-Janssen et al.
However, the microorganism can multiply and survive intra-cellularly by inhibiting and counteracting bactericidal effects within the phagosome.
This organism has capability to impede with intracellular trafficking by preventing fusion of the BCV with lysosome markers, in order to evade degradation within phagolysosomes by rapid acidification of the phagosome after uptake.
The c[beta]g gene product (cyclic [beta]-1,2-glucans) interferes with cellular trafficking by acting on lipid rafts found on host cell membranes and preventing the phagosome lysosome fusion cycle, thereby leading to intracellular survival.
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Reactive oxygen species are the major antibacterial against Salmonella Typhymurium purine auxotroph in the phagosome of RAW2647.
Different phagocyte enzymes are activated or reach optimal activity rates during phagosome maturation as the phagolysosomal pH decreases from slightly alkaline to acidic (7.