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A membrane-bound vesicle that is formed inside a cell by an inward folding of the cell membrane and that contains extracellular material ingested by phagocytosis.


(Biology) biology a cavity or area within a cell in which matter is retained in the process of phagocytosis


(ˈfæg əˌsoʊm)

a vacuole that contains the ingested matter of a phagocytic cell.
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Phagosome isolation by detergent free method was used to study role of Lyn in phagocytosis.
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Each phagocytic event results in the formation of a phagosome into which reactive oxygen species and hydrolytic enzymes are secreted.
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We're looking at the phagosome, which engulfs the bacteria, and looking to see if there are specific proteins in the phagosome that are induced upon acquiring Brucella.
The paper by Gagnon et al., titled 'Endoplasmic Reticulummediated Phagocytosis Defines a Novel Mechanism of Entry in Macrophages,' used Caprion's CellCarta subcellular proteomic approach to generate a comprehensive description of the proteins which make up the phagosome, the organelle responsible for destroying intracellular pathogens.
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Lerner speculates that antibodies produce an extra dollop of hydrogen peroxide within the phagosome by converting this singlet oxygen into superoxide anions, just as antibodies do in the experiments where the singlet oxygen is generated by ultraviolet light.
The sequential process including cup formation, phagosome internalization, and phagolysosome formation is critical steps in the process of phagocytosis [78].
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