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(ˈfælɪˌsɪzəm) or


(Other Non-Christian Religions) the worship or veneration of the phallus
ˈphallicist, ˈphallist n
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(ˈfæl əˌsɪz əm)

also phal•lism

(ˈfæl ɪz əm)

worship of the phallus, esp. as symbolic of power or of the generative principle of nature.
phal′li•cist, phal′list, n.
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the worship of the phallus as symbolic of the generative power of nature. — phallicist, phallist, n.
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In other words, as the signifier for Lack and absence, she transcends the patriarchal site of being because she is "at odds with phallicism" (Lacan, Ecrits 688).
between phallicism and virility is also everywhere in evidence in
Mawr himself--as it will be for the celebrated pine tree at the Kiowa ranch--is that both images initially appear to reflect Lawrence's standard form of phallicism; but in each case the potential of this symbolic association is unfulfilled because of the distinct phallophobia that informs each description.
As the latter conversed with the Countess about the hugeness of his answer, which will fit "as the nail to his hole" (2.2.23), he relished the phallicism of the exchange with as much subtlety as Benny Hill!
One might read Riviere as fearful of her own phallicism--that is, of the phallic identity she risks exposing in the course of her lecture, her writing, indeed, the writing of this phallicism that the essay itself both conceals and enacts.
(23.) Murray Healy, "Real Men, Phallicism and Fascism," in The Subcultures Reader, ed.
Her husband, the failed writer who makes a living penning jingles for the newspaper, seems moved to a lyrical phallicism as he describes his father-in-law's head.
What Moustapha Saphouan refers to as "Phallicism," which is always also a literalism--"total" manliness at the price of a split and yet intact femininity as a typical blindness of the modern--becomes in Michelet's New Testament really effective.
Daly believes that Christianity is a form of phallicism, and coined the dictum "When God is male, then the male is God." (28) Among her harshest critics are other feminist theologians, yet she has had a profound influence and feminists still honor her as a frontier woman who cleared the land.