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(ˈfælɪˌsɪzəm) or


(Other Non-Christian Religions) the worship or veneration of the phallus
ˈphallicist, ˈphallist n


(ˈfæl əˌsɪz əm)

also phal•lism

(ˈfæl ɪz əm)

worship of the phallus, esp. as symbolic of power or of the generative principle of nature.
phal′li•cist, phal′list, n.


the worship of the phallus as symbolic of the generative power of nature. — phallicist, phallist, n.
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between phallicism and virility is also everywhere in evidence in
But now I have come to a more complex understanding of my own version of phallicism or whatever is phallic in me: eagerness, exhibitionism, jutting out; a visible proclamation of what I want; a tendency toward undeniable and sensational announcements; an inability to hide.
23), he relished the phallicism of the exchange with as much subtlety as Benny Hill
One might read Riviere as fearful of her own phallicism--that is, of the phallic identity she risks exposing in the course of her lecture, her writing, indeed, the writing of this phallicism that the essay itself both conceals and enacts.
Murray Healy, "Real Men, Phallicism and Fascism," in The Subcultures Reader, ed.
Her husband, the failed writer who makes a living penning jingles for the newspaper, seems moved to a lyrical phallicism as he describes his father-in-law's head.
Daly believes that Christianity is a form of phallicism, and coined the dictum "When God is male, then the male is God.