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The causes of superstition are: pleasing and sensual rites and ceremonies; excess of outward and pharisaical holiness; overgreat reverence of traditions, which cannot but load the church; the stratagems of prelates, for their own ambition and lucre; the favoring too much of good intentions, which openeth the gate to conceits and novelties; the taking an aim at divine matters, by human, which cannot but breed mixture of imaginations: and, lastly, barbarous times, especially joined with calamities and disasters.
Of course," he said gloomily, "it is one of those Pharisaical cruelties of which only such heartless men are capable.
is not the time to showcase man's propensity for entertainment and Pharisaical tendencies," he added.
If, on the one hand we warned the youth against this piece, on the other hand (from the Social Democrats) it was recommended for the youth, who had to get rid of the pharisaical pseudomorale and led towards the natural beauty of the forms of life (Zeiferts 6).
Christ's Cross, the supposition would logically follow, failed to satisfy the wrath of God against sinners, including that against believers; God's wrath continues to be poured out on believers and non-believers, alike in the form of psychiatric symptomatology; and the Good News of God in Christ is traded for a Pharisaical self-righteousness that is "evidenced" by an absence of symptomatology.
Paul when he staggered out of his lifelong Pharisaical certitude about what God wants and how religion works and into the bold light of Christ?
More a Mike Pence than a Donald Trump, Manny Pacquiao seems serious about his claims of hearing the voice of God, and sincere in his convictions, but all this only makes him more predisposed to pharisaical self-righteousness.
"It is the America that, swollen with self-satisfaction and pharisaical with a false superiority, has forgotten the eternal voices, while standing in veneration before its pragmatic handiwork.
(10.) Massignon writes: 'Contrary to the Pharisaical opinion of many fuqaha', an opinion which has been accepted for the last sixty years by many Arabists, I have had to admit, with Margoliouth, that the Qur'an contains real seeds of mysticism, seeds capable of an autonomous development without being impregnated from any foreign source' (La passion d'Al-Hallaj, martyr mystique de l'Islam [Paris: P.
(119) The subservient, passive and inaudible Paul during the time of the trials, complained only once at the Jewish Sanhedrin for his Pharisaical belief and later in the presence of King Agrippa for the chains.
I would rather risk being too kind to outcasts, such as gays and lesbians, than being condemned for being too Pharisaical, too judgmental, for binding burdens too heavy for people to carry (Matt.