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n. (used with a sing. verb)

phar′ma·co·ge·net′ic adj.
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Noun1.pharmacogenetics - the branch of genetics that studies the genetically determined variations in responses to drugs in humans or laboratory organisms
genetic science, genetics - the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms
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While pursuing the highest quality research studies, each network group must agree to meet the following expectations: 1) to further develop the knowledge base, PharmGKB, which is a database with accurate and derailed definitions of pharmacogenetic phenotypes linked to genotypes; 2) to advance the research field, by defining common goals and needs, and contributing to solving problems of the field through discussions and workshops; 3) to produce and share resources, such as biological reagents, and experimental and computational tools, to be disseminated rapidly and with minimal restrictions; and 4) to communicate with scientists both within and outside the network, and to foster translation and application of this knowledge.
A third option, which emerged in 2003 and is now being assessed by regulatory authorities, is a pharmacogenetic chip which tests for a number of variants in the cytochrome P450 family of enzymes, one of which, CYP2D6, metabolizes approximately 20-25% of medicines currently being prescribed.
As pharmacogenetic testing becomes more accessible, patients are realizing they can use their DNA test results as part of their health care plan.
Myriad shares are reacting to a decision by UnitedHealth Group Inc (NYSE:UNH) to cover pharmacogenetic testing with multigene panels, including the former's GeneSight Psychotropic test.
In March 2018,the company's newly found precision medicine sector, Simcere Diagnotics, has formed strategic partnership agreement with a Agena Bioscience,focusing on expanding the use of Agena's MassARRAY System for companion diagnostics and pharmacogenetic testing in China.
MyPGx, a once-in-a-lifetime pharmacogenetic test, is designed to assist doctors to streamline the treatment of patients by personalising the choice and dosage of medication that is being prescribed.
Dr Mark Calarco, Addiction Labs of America CEO, said, 'It's critical that we know how different people, based on their genetic makeup, process or metabolise cannabis or CBD, and that's information pharmacogenetic testing could tell us.
(3) The ISPG also noted that useful but not exhaustive lists of pharmacogenetic tests are maintained by the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) and the US FDA.
Keith Fragoza: At present, the role for pharmacogenetic testing in clinical pain management is limited.
Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/S (CPH:VELO), a commercial-stage specialty pharmaceutical company committed to improving the lives of transplant patients, announced on Wednesday the publication of results of ASERTAA, a randomised prospective crossover pharmacogenetic study of immediate-release versus extended-release Tacrolimus in African American kidney transplant recipients, in the March 2018 issue of the American Journal of Kidney Diseases.
A vast majority of the side effects of MTX have been evaluated because of pharmacogenetic studies that have analyzed SNPs in SLC19A1/RFC1, ABCB1, FPGS and GGH in the most recognized genes, but to date, opportunistic infections have shown no relationship with those polymorphisms (4).