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The branch of pharmacology that deals with drugs in their crude or natural state and with medicinal herbs or other plants.

[pharmaco- + Greek gnōsis, knowledge; see gnosis.]

phar′ma·cog′no·sist n.
phar′ma·cog·nos′tic (-kŏg-nŏs′tĭk) adj.


(Pharmacology) the branch of pharmacology concerned with crude drugs of plant and animal origin
[C19: from pharmaco- + gnosy, from Greek gnosis knowledge]
ˌpharmaˈcognosist n
pharmacognostic adj

ma•te•ri•a med•i•ca

(məˈtɪər i ə ˈmɛd ɪ kə)
1. (used with a pl. v.) remedial substances used in medicine.
2. (used with a sing. v.) the study of or a treatise on the sources, characteristics, and uses of drugs.
[1690–1700; < Medieval Latin: medical material]

pharmacognosy, pharmacognosia, pharmacognosis, pharmacognostics

the branch of pharmacology that studies the composition, use, and history of drugs. — pharmacognosist, n. — pharmacognostic, adj.
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Pharmacognosist Justin Sinclair --an expert in the chemical components and use of medicinal plants --says we are only just beginning to understand the way substances derived from cannabis plants act on the body.
Hans Wohlmuth, PhD is a pharmacognosist with over 30 years' experience in herbal medicine.
That tweaking, noted Steven Dentali, PhD, a pharmacognosist and research fellow in botanical development at global nutrition company Herbalife, typically takes a couple of years, during which labs use the method and report back to AOAC's experts on whether there are details that might need to be improved.
The plant were identified and authenticated by a pharmacognosist.
A pharmacognosist of the Department of Pharmacognosy, Federal Urdu University, Pakistan, authenticated the sample.
Physician pharmacognosist Lansky and ethnopharmacology historian Paavilainen describe the chemistry and medicinal uses of various parts of selected species of figs, which they speculate may have been the first plant domesticated by humans--even before grains.
The Formulary Council consists of two pharmacists, a pharmacologist, a pharmacognosist, a medical doctor, and two NDs.
Hans Wohlmuth is a pharmacognosist and the Head of the Department of Natural and Complementary Medicine at Southern Cross University.
1989, Pharmacognosist, personal communication, University of Mississippi.
In their excellent Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients, pharmacognosist (natural product pharmacist) Albert Leung and Arkansas herbalist Steven Foster explain that applying comfrey to the skin can help relieve pain, swelling and inflammation.
A pharmacognosist at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind.