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 (fə-rĭn′jē-əl, -jəl, făr′ĭn-jē′əl) also pha·ryn·gal (fə-rĭng′gəl)
Of, relating to, located in, or coming from the pharynx.
A speech sound produced in the pharynx.

[From New Latin pharyngeus, from pharynx, pharyng-, pharynx; see pharynx.]


(ˌfærɪnˈdʒiːəl) or


1. (Anatomy) of, relating to, or situated in or near the pharynx
2. (Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics pronounced or supplemented in pronunciation with an articulation in or constriction of the pharynx
(Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics a pharyngeal speech sound
[C19: from New Latin pharyngeus; see pharynx]


(fəˈrɪn dʒi əl, -dʒəl, ˌfær ɪnˈdʒi əl)

also pha•ryn•gal

(fəˈrɪŋ gəl)

1. of, pertaining to, or situated near the pharynx.
2. (of a speech sound) articulated with retraction of the root of the tongue and constriction of the pharynx.
3. a pharyngeal speech sound.
[1820–30; < New Latin pharynge(us) (see pharyngo-, -eous) + -al1]
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Noun1.pharyngeal - a consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat
consonant - a speech sound that is not a vowel
Adj.1.pharyngeal - of or relating to the throat; "pharyngeal fricatives"


, pharyngal
adjRachen-; pharyngeal cancerRachenkrebs m


adj faríngeo
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An aliquot of 200 [micro]L from pharyngeal swab samples were extracted and purified using a MagNA Pure LC Robot Instrument with LC MagNA Pure Nucleic Acid Isolation kit I from Roche Applied Science, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
In September, we obtained pharyngeal swab specimens from eligible students immediately before they received the MenACWY vaccine.
For the latter, your screening method would be different (that is, obtaining a pharyngeal swab or an anal swab instead of a urine sample).
Method: A total of 768 specimens (heparinized or EDTA containing blood (162), fine needle aspirates from prescapular lymph gland (PSLG,160), milk (154), pharyngeal swab (PhS, 98), rectal pinch (RP, 97) and faecal sample (97) from 161 cattle of organized cattle farms in north India suspected to be suffering from tuberculosis were analyzed.
Pharyngeal swab specimens were collected from ill persons for viral culture.
However, Marseillevirus DNA was detected by 2 PCR systems that target a helicase gene: blood testing using the ORF152 PCR and pharyngeal swab specimen testing using the HelF6R6 PCR system (primers: 5' -GAGGATGTACGGAAGGTC-3' [forward]; 5' -GTCCTTCACCTGTTCTTCC-3' [reverse]).
The assay can be done using a urine sample or a vaginal, rectal, or pharyngeal swab specimen.
ulcerans to humans, however, nasal and pharyngeal swab samples from the patient's 2 asymptomatic pet dogs were obtained by the local veterinary authority.
Of 60 patients with laboratory-confirmed influenza A(H7N9) infections in Hangzhou in April 2013 and in January-February 2014, testing of pharyngeal swab samples indicated that 2 patients were also positive for seasonal influenza vims.
Pharyngeal swab specificity is 99% and sensitivity is 60%-80%, depending on the quality of the pharyngeal swab.
Pharyngeal swab specimens were collected from surveillance participants and sent to collaborating laboratories.