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n. pl. phar·yn·gec·to·mies
Surgical removal of part or all of the pharynx.
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This approach traditionally used a lip split with a mandibulotomy to allow for subsequent radical tonsillectomy and/or pharyngectomy (Figure 1).
None of the patients underwent total laryngectomy with partial pharyngectomy or total laryngectomy with partial pharyngectomy along with resection of the base of the tongue.
There was no significant difference in fistula rate for patients who had a complete pharyngectomy versus those that had either a partial or limited pharyngectomy.
He underwent total esophagectomy combined with laryngectomy, pharyngectomy, and lymph node dissection using the large bowel for reconstruction.
This guide to revision surgery techniques is designed for otolaryngology specialists who need a reference for correcting unsuccessful primary surgeries in the head and neck such as adenoidectomies, rhinoplasty and pharyngectomy while managing the effects of recidivistic disease and altered anatomical structures.
The patient underwent total laryngectomy (TL) with partial pharyngectomy and hemithyroidectomy in February 2005.
Five patients (62%) had a marginal mandibulectomy, 1 required segmental mandibulectomy and 1 required partial pharyngectomy.
The patient subsequently underwent a partial pharyngectomy with radial forearm flap reconstruction and preservation of the larynx.