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Noun1.phase I - a clinical trial on a few persons to determine the safety of a new drug or invasive medical device; for drugs, dosage or toxicity limits should be obtained
clinical test, clinical trial - a rigorously controlled test of a new drug or a new invasive medical device on human subjects; in the United States it is conducted under the direction of the FDA before being made available for general clinical use
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com)-- The Balfour Wind Energy Constructors (BWEC) joint venture recently completed construction of the Alta Wind Energy Center- Phase I project, developed by Terra-Gen Power, LLC.
The ratings are underpinned by the track record of VTL's promoters, the Narsi Group, in India's real estate industry, approximately 90% occupancy of Vikas IT Park Phase I (about 1.
CB&I's scope for Phase I of the project--which is valued between US$725-750 million--includes a ship unloading system, three full containment 155,000-cubic-meter LNG storage tanks, and a regasification and sendout system.
The vaccination of ER workers was supposed to be only Phase I of the smallpox plan.
An environmental insurance policy may let lenders give a quicker go-ahead, but it won't replace a Phase I assessment.
A FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT IS UNDER WAY in the field of commercial real estate lending, a marked movement by financial institutions toward environmental insurance policies and away from Phase I site assessment reports.
But there are four one-stories in Phase I, so it looks good.
Key among these is environmental insurance, now used by some of the largest lenders in the nation in lieu of Phase I engineering reports.
Typically, the buyer will contract an environmental engineering consultant to do a phase I environmental assessment of the property, at the buyer's expense.