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A perennial plant (Aralia cordata) native to East Asia, having bipinnately compound leaves and young shoots that are cooked and eaten as a vegetable.



n, pl udos
(Plants) a stout araliaceous perennial plant, Aralia cordata, of Japan and China, having berry-like black fruits and young shoots that are edible when blanched
[from Japanese]
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On a phase change disc, information is recorded as amorphous marks embedded in a polycrystalline layer; these marks can be viewed through an electron microscope (see Figure 2).
Finally, after many rewrites by the user, the material deteriorates, limiting the number of times a phase change disc can be rewritten; for CD-RW, rewrites can be executed at least 1,000 times.
Developing this media is in no way trivial, because the attainable density in a phase change disc is limited by thermal phenomena.