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A gradual discontinuation.


or phase′-out`,

an act or instance of phasing out; planned discontinuation or expiration.
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NEW YORK, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Dow AgroSciences, one of the nation's largest pesticide makers, along with various food companies, have persuaded several members of Congress to endorse a bill that directs the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reverse a proposed phaseout of sulfuryl fluoride, a highly toxic food fumigant and potent greenhouse gas, reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).
EXEMPTION PHASEOUT There is no phaseout for exemptions
The report also predicted that households in Japan would see their monthly energy bills, including gas and other sources, nearly double if the phaseout goal is to be reached by 2030, rising to as high as 32,243 Yen on average, compared with 16,900 Yen in 2010.
The EGTRRA's repeal of the itemized deduction phaseout and the personal exemption phaseout is also extended by the act for two years.
Gas subsidies are to be eliminated over five years under the legislation approved a few months ago, but the phaseout is supposed to be slow so as to temper inflation and allow the public to adjust to market pricing.
The new phaseout range for the credit on a married filing jointly (MFJ) return begins at $160,000 and ends at $180,000 ($80,000 and $90,000, respectively, for single and head of household status), so high-income taxpayers can lose the credit altogether.
Lead in air has been monitored and to some extent controlled over the last three decades with the phaseout of leaded gas.
The Van Nuys Airport, a regional airport located in the Los Angeles area in California, will be holding a public meeting associated with the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that the airport is in the process of preparing for the Noisier Aircraft Phaseout project.
A phaseout of products will begin in 2009, and an estimated 130 jobs will ultimately be affected by the plant closure.
The phaseout decision fit logically with the company's long-term strategy to maximize its global site network and manufacturing capacity, since the Coventry plant produced only 15 percent of Clariant products supplied to the domestic North American market; the remaining 85 percent was already being imported from other Clariant facilities elsewhere in the world or through third parties.
The agency requested the voluntary phaseout in late January, days before the majority of the scientists on one of its advisory boards deemed PFOA a "likely carcinogen.