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Noun1.phatic communication - conversational speech used to communicate sociability more than information
conversation - the use of speech for informal exchange of views or ideas or information etc.
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Among the apps they profile are App Annie: app industry ranking and infrastructure, LoseIt!: calorie tracking and the discipline of consumption, Snapchat: phatic communication and ephemeral social media, Hillary 2016: appified politics in campaign apps, and Neko Atsume: affective play and mobile casual gaming.
Certainly, those comments classified as irrelevant by Mishne and Glance's (2006) standards would fit the notion that microblogs encourage phatic communication. Indeed, the majority of the first several hundred comments to Aoi's post could be classified as ones that do not convey any information but rather simply engage others and make the commenter's presence known.
Phemic transmission can be distinguished from phatic communication in what anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski characterized as a "type of speech in which ties of union are created by a mere exchange of words" (Laver 1975, 215; see also Warnock 1989, 120-22).
Synchronous online media applications in particular have become important in sustaining the phatic communication of intimate relationships (Miller 2008, Jensen & Sorensen 2013).
This mimicry of phatic communication worked, as at least this listener's own breath-rate responded to those she was hearing.
There is a dearth of literature linking phatic expressions and virtual collaboration, to say nothing of whether a team successfully completes the assigned task given the presence of phatic communication. Miller (2008), in recalling Malinowski's (1923) work, has assigned the term "phatic technologies" to online social networks since the communication occurring therein serves to perpetuate relationships and denotes levels of awareness, intimacy, and social connection, but is non-informational in content.
The stress on public communication should not be overlooked, since we do not claim that phatic communication, for instance, necessarily implies "authoritarian personality" per se.
The purpose of a lot of talk is simply to maintain contact--what linguists call phatic communication. We say, "How are you?" "What have you been up to?" "Nice weather, isn't it?" and we don't expect substantial answers.
phatic communication), and forms of communicative practice at the level of utterance and exchange structure, suggest that digital communication technologies have made possible substantive aesthetic shifts in human communicative practices.
In addition, the cultural and geographic distances may prohibit phatic communication, a stalwart of the British character.