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 (fĕn′ə-sīt′) or phen·a·kite (-kīt′)
A natural beryllium silicate, Be2SiO4, occurring as vitreous crystals sometimes used as gems.

[Greek phenāx, phenāk-, impostor + -ite.]
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(ˈfɛnəˌsaɪt) or


(Minerals) a colourless or white glassy mineral consisting of beryllium silicate in hexagonal crystalline form: occurs in veins in granite. Formula: Be2SiO4
[C19: from Greek phenax a cheat, because of its deceptive resemblance to quartz]
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Foster occurs in miarolitic cavities containing gem-quality fluorite, microcline, phenacite ([Be.sub.2]Si[O.sub.4]), smoky quartz, and topaz.
Incidentally, in the copy of British Mineralogy formerly in the library of Richard Hauck, penciled to the right of the printed words White Tourmaline are "Phenacite" and the initials "AR" which identify Sir Arthur Edward Ian Montagu Russell (1878-1964), a mineral collector extraordinary from Great Britain.