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Today both Microtus (three species) and Phenacomys intermedius (with rooted teeth) can be found in SEKI (Table 1).
meadow vole -- 6 8 Ondotra zibethicus, muskrat x -- -- Phenacomys intermedius, heather vole x -- -- Dipodidae (Zapodidae) Zapus princes, western jumping mouse x -- -- Erethizontidae Erethizon dorsatutn, porcupine x -- -- CARNIVORA Canidae Canis latrans, coyote x -- -- Urocyon cinereoargenteus, gray fox x -- -- Vulpes Vulpes, red fox x -- -- Ursidae Ursus americanus, black bear x -- -- U.
Only two boreal mammals found at Conklin Quarry are not found at Mill Creek: Phenacomys intermedius and Microtus sp.