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In fact, it has been argued that physical proximity likely results in informal social networks that "develop technological and social agendas," which affect how knowledge is valued and incorporated by firms (Tallman and Phene 2007, p.
Early in 2001, Taylor and Mills [31] reported diodes formed by electrodeposition of a carbon-bridged dithiophene polymer poly[4-dicyano methylene-4H-cyclopenta[2,1 -b:3,4-b']dithio phene (PCDM) (Fig.
The literature on organizational learning, combined with the literature on varied aspects of supply chain management, suggests that from a dyadic buyer-supplier perspective, interorganizational learning is embedded within the context of other established constructs, including supply chain orientation, organizational orientation, and values (Azadegan and Dooley 2010; Khazanchi, Lewis, and Boyer 2007), innovation capability (Azadegan and Dooley 2010; Lederman 2010; Phene and Mmeida 2008), flexibility (Tracey 2004; Wagner 2003), and supply chain performance (Esper, Fugate, and Davis-Sramek 2007).
This may be because the survey restricted customers to those that are located within 300 miles on the rationale that geographical proximity enhances personal contacts and networks between the firms and their customers (see Phene, Almeida 2008).
The Phene Arms in Chelsea, once a favourite local of footballer George Best and poet Dylan Thomas, was earmarked for property development project.
Repeated clomi phene citrate challenge testing in the prediction of outcome in IVF: a comparison with basal markers for ovarian reserve.
51) In a letter to Martin-Harvey following his 1907 production of Great Possessions, as recorded in his autobiography, the architect Phene Spiers wrote: 'Some years ago Professor Herkomer organized a play at Bushey, in which he recognized that the lighting was, after all, the most important element in a scene, and yours is the first occasion I have seen it so successfully managed on the [professional] stage.
HRVs are grouped taxonomically into Human rhinovirus A (HRV-A) and Human rhinovirus B (HRV-B), 2 species within the family Picornaviridae (International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses database [ICTVdb]; http:// phene.
As increased globalization created greater competition, strategic alliances have also grown, especially in the first-mover domains of new product and technology creation (Almeida and Phene, 2004; Stiles, 1994).
And after a liquid lunch with pals it was on to another of George's favourite pubs - The Phene Arms just around the corner to continue the session.
In the last years of his life, people knew where to find George Best ( creditors, journalists, old friends and television producers could find him most days from 10am in The Phene in London, sipping white wine all day before going home to crash out.