Phenic acid

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(Chem.) a phenol.

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There they were fixed with a solution of 10% formaldehyde, 5% mineral oil and 1% phenic acid, by application in the common carotid artery, reinforcing with subcutaneous and intramuscular infiltrations, and later disposed by immersion in the same solution without mineral oil for a week.
Phenic acid was used as standard for the construction of the analytical curve at concentrations of 0-200[micro]g m[L.sup.-1], at intervals of 20[micro]g.
They were fixed by subcutaneous intramuscular infiltrations and in cavities with a solution of 10 % formalin, 5 % mineral oil and 1 % phenic acid. Subsequently, they were immersed in the same solution but without mineral oil for a minimum period of 48 hours.