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Noun1.pheniramine - an antihistamine used in preparations to treat allergies and respiratory infections; used to treat rhinitis and skin rashes and pruritus
antihistamine - a medicine used to treat allergies and hypersensitive reactions and colds; works by counteracting the effects of histamine on a receptor site
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In addition to the spontaneous contractions, various agonist (10 [micro]M; acetylcholine [ACh], histamine, and serotonin) and antagonist (10 [micro]M; atropine [Atrp], pheniramine, and ondansetron) were used to assess the mechanisms of contractile responses in BPA-fed rats.
2) Chlorpheniramine/ 36 (40) pheniramine maleate Benzodiazepines Diazepam 63 (70) Midazolam 0 (0) Table 3: Distribution of study participants according to their high-risk behaviors n=90 High-risk behavior Categories Number of IDUs (%) Injection sharing (at Sharing needle 31 (34.
5 mg pheniramine (1 ampul) were given intravenously due to the suspicion of anaphylaxis and referred to our research/training hospital.
IM) and Inj Pheniramine maleate (Anistamin (b) 10 ml, IM) daily for five days and Inj.
Here, we aimed to investigate effects of pheniramine maleate (PM), an antihistaminic agent, and compare it with lidocaine on fentanyl induced cough.
Life- saving medicines such as Tablet Sorbitrate 10 mg, Soluble Aspirin 100/ 150 mgm, Injection Deriphyllin, Lasix 40 mgm, 25% glucose, Adrenaline 1 ml, Efcorlin 100 mg, Atropine 1 ml, Pheniramine Maleate 25 mgm, etc, are available in long- distance trains.
5mg Pheniramine Maleate (avil injectable) was injected intravenously as an antihistaminic agent.
Reddy's DisintegratingTablets (ODT), 30 mg Naphazoline HCI & Pheniramine Maleate Akorn Ophthalmic Solution 0.
Ucuncu ayda hastanin bu kez sol kolundan bir bal arisi sokmus, hastada lokal reaksiyona ek olarak solunum sikintisi ve anjionorotik odeme gidis gorulmus, acilen 1 tab Pheniramine maleat (Avil tab 22,7 mg, Sandoz) ve 1 amp IM Deksamethasone (Dekort 4 mg amp, Deva) uygulamasi sonrasi yerel hastanede takibe alinmis, bu esnada gorme azligi gelismedigi hasta tarafindan ifade edilmistir.
Most common narcotics used in addition to heroin are pharmaceutical combination of diazepam, lorazepam and pheniramine.
No medications were given to the patient, except for a single dose of dexamethasone and pheniramine, which were administered upon admission to hospital.
An allergic condition was suspected, and so he was given IV saline, methylprednisolone, famotidine and pheniramine maleate.