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(Pharmacology) pharmacol an amphetamine related drug that is used to inhibit the desire to eat and is also used as a stimulant


(fɛnˈmɛ trəˌzin)

a compound, C11H15NO, used chiefly to control the appetite in the treatment of obesity.
[1955–60; phen (yl) + me (thyl) + (te) tra- + (oxa) zine]
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Physiologic, subjective, and behavioral effects of amphetamine, methamphetamine, ephedrine, phenmetrazine, and methylphenidate in man.
Because most tablets (including phenmetrazine and methylphenidate) contain talc, which is used to hold the components of the medication together in tablet form, this practice can cause arterial obstruction by this foreign material.
Examples of other CNS stimulants reportedly taken included diethylpropion (Tenuate), phenmetrazine (Preludin), benzphetamine (Didrex) and phentermine (Ionamin).