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A long-acting alpha-blocker, C18H22ClNO, used in its hydrochloride form to treat high blood pressure, excessive sweating, and tachycardia caused by pheochromocytoma.
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The nonspecific [alpha]-blocker phenoxybenzamine produces a high false-positive rate (10).
Complex regional pain syndrome (reflex sympathetic dystrophy and causalgia): Management with the calcium channel blocker nifedipine and/or the alpha-sympathetic blocker phenoxybenzamine in 59 patients.
36) Since the first reports of alpha adrenoceptor influence on benign prostatic obstruction in 1970 based on the non specific a blockade of phenoxybenzamine, (37) much research has allowed description of four subtypes of [[alpha].
Effect of verapamil and phenoxybenzamine on nickel-induced coronary vasoconstriction in the anaesthetized dog.
The patient was then started on phenoxybenzamine 10 mg orally twice a day to provide an appropriate alpha blockade, so as to minimize the effects of hormonal surges, which can lead to spontaneous retroperitoneal hemorrhage.
There are insufficient data to recommend prazosin or phenoxybenzamine for this indication.
Agents such as sodium nitroprusside (Nipride), phentolamine mesylate (Regitine), and phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride (Dibenzyline) have been recommended to counteract sympathetic reflex activity.