phenoxymethyl penicillin

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Noun1.phenoxymethyl penicillin - a crystalline penicillin similar in action to penicillin G but more resistant to the action of gastric acids
penicillin - any of various antibiotics obtained from Penicillium molds (or produced synthetically) and used in the treatment of various infections and diseases
Ledercillin VK, penicillin V potassium - a form of penicillin V (trade name Ledercillin VK)
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Treatment of pharyngitis associated with group A streptococcus: Comparison of amoxicillin and potassium phenoxymethyl penicillin.
ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Phenoxymethyl penicillin (penicillin V) is a modified version of benzylpenicillin that is able to be absorbed orally.
Jewish children received more prescriptions for phenoxymethyl penicillin (1.