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Noun1.phenylethylene - a colorless oily liquid; the monomer for polystyrene
polystyrene - a polymer of styrene; a rigid transparent thermoplastic; "expanded polystyrene looks like a rigid white foam and is used as packing or insulation"
polyvinyl resin, vinyl polymer, vinyl resin - a thermoplastic derived by polymerization from compounds containing the vinyl group
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Polyether polyol, GPOP36/28, prepared by acrylonitrile and phenylethylene, obtained from Dongda Chemical (Shandong, China).
StO, formed from styrene by cytochrome P450 monooxygenases, is primarily detoxified by microsomal epoxide hydrolase to phenylethylene glycol, which is further metabolized to yield mandelic acid (MA) and phenylglyoxylic acid (PGA), the principal urinary metabolites.
Styrene, a colorless, toxic liquid used in making plastics and rubbers, is also known as phenylethylene or vinylbenzene.