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A chemical secreted by an animal, especially an insect, that influences the behavior or physiology of others of the same species, as by attracting members of the opposite sex or marking the route to a food source.

[Greek pherein, to carry; see bher- in Indo-European roots + (hor)mone.]

pher′o·mon′al adj.
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(Biology) biology relating to or constituting a pheromone
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Additional studies of female pheromone gland chemistry or volatile emissions might confirm the pheromonal nature of the chemical for these species.
Concentrations above or below this value reduced the activity, probably due to the fact that the pheromonal activity occurs within a limited range of concentrations.
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Since mice use pheromonal cues to identify individuals, we explored the possibility that pheromone detection may be altered in [NL3.sup.R451C] mice and could underlie their atypical aggression towards females.
To identify pheromone blends, in which each component of the blend may not have pheromonal activity by itself, each component must be chemically identified individually in the active fractions and tested as a blend in behavioral bioassay.
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Theoretically, pheromonal suppression of subordinate males by a dominant male may ensure reproductive dominance; this may have occurred in this population.