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Philodendron sp.


n. pl. phil·o·den·drons or phil·o·den·dra (-drə)
Any of various climbing tropical American plants of the genus Philodendron, many of which are cultivated as houseplants.

[New Latin Philodendron, genus name, from Greek, neuter of philodendros, fond of trees (from the fact that in its tropical American habitat it twines around trees) : philo-, philo- + dendron, tree; see deru- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -drons or -dra (-drə)
(Plants) any aroid evergreen climbing plant of the tropical American genus Philodendron: cultivated as house plants
[C19: New Latin from Greek: lover of trees]


(ˌfɪl əˈdɛn drən)

n., pl. -drons, -dra.
any tropical American climbing plant belonging to the genus Philodendron, of the arum family, usu. having smooth, shiny, evergreen leaves: grown as a houseplant.
[1875–80; < New Latin < Greek, n. use of neuter of philódendros fond of trees, in reference to its climbing habit. See philo-, -dendron]
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Noun1.philodendron - often grown as a houseplantphilodendron - often grown as a houseplant    
genus Philodendron - any of several tropical American climbing plants with smooth shiny evergreen leaves
liana - a woody climbing usually tropical plant


[ˌfɪləˈdɛndrən] nfilodendro
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Tenders are invited for Providing and displaying of different types of money plant and philodendron oxicodium potted plants In connection with Mo GA attached to HORs Bungalows under Sub Divn 3 HD1 CPWD New Delhi dg 2019 20
| HOUSEPLANTS such as the umbrella tree, Kentian palm and philodendron can be brought outside for some fresh air and a good hose down to get rid of any dust that's built up.
The motif of the Utopian Philodendron, chosen from the company's archive of furnishing fabrics.
Philodendron have heart-shaped leaves and are great for climbing or trailing.
Houseplants with large leaves and smooth foliage, such as Philodendron, Dracaena and rubber plants can benefit if their leaves are washed at intervals to remove dust and grime.
If your rooms or balcony receive a short spell of full sunlight, grow Dracaena, Painted Drop Tongue, Philodendron, etc
WHAT TO CHOOSE Look for plants that can cope with the slightly cooler temperatures and potentially lower light levels, and try to seek out the varieties that are proven toxin filters, such as heart-leaf philodendron, the peace lily, staghorn fern, devil's ivy or any of the ones below.
Our Cornell friends add that tulips, foxglove, poinsettias, and philodendron are among hundreds of plants that are known to be poisonous to cats.
Trailing plants work well, including spider plants; heart-leaf philodendron and chestnut vine.
Seek out varieties which are proven toxic filters, such as heartleaf philodendron and peace lily.
Se encontraron semillas del genero Ficus en el 70% de los individuos (en todas las especies), Piper en el 30% de los individuos (en tres especies), Philodendron en el 13% de los individuos (en dos especies) y Solanum en solo un individuo de la especie S.
smocks and a fat philodendron in a white wire basket!