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A nightingale.

[Alteration (influenced by French philomèle) of Middle English phylomene, from Medieval Latin philomēna, from Latin Philomēla, Philomela; see Philomela.]
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(ˈfɪləˌmɛl) or


(Animals) poetic names for a nightingale
[C14 philomene, via Medieval Latin from Latin philomēla, from Greek]
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(ˈnaɪt nˌgeɪl, ˈnaɪ tɪŋ-)

any of several small Old World birds of the thrush subfamily, esp. Luscinia megarhynchos, of Europe, noted for the melodious song of the male, often heard at night.
[1200–50; Middle English nightyngale, nightegale, Old English nihtegale, c. German Nachtigall, literally, night singer (compare Old English galan sing; akin to yell)]


(ˈnaɪt nˌgeɪl, ˈnaɪ tɪŋ-)

Florence, 1820–1910, English nurse and hospital reformer.
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