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n. flebolito, depósito calcáreo en una vena.
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(7,12) In cases where it is initially difficult to identify a lesion as a sialolith or phlebolith, distinguishing features have been identified.
Digital X-ray of the affected foot showed homogeneous soft tissue opacity without any calcification or phlebolith. No expansile lytic lesion or cortical erosion was present (Figure 2).
Keywords: Vascular malformation, Venous malformation, Masseter, intramuscular malformation, Phlebolith.
Incidental note is made of a probable pelvic phlebolith (Arrow B) that may be misinterpreted as a distal ureteric or bladder calculi.
Careful assessment and follow up was made to ensure that it was not a phlebolith. Incidentally none of the patients in our study group had any calculus in the contralateral ureter or either of the kidneys.
One phlebolith and two cases of calcified mesenteric lymph nodes were also observed.
Vascular lesions of the masseter presenting with phlebolith. Orolaryngol Head Neck Surg.
It should be differentiated from calcified uterine myoma, urinary bladder calculi, pelvic phlebolith, calcification of pelvic dermoid.
(2) Development of a phlebolith within the hemangioma from a thrombus may cause symptoms and usually leads to diagnosis of the hemangioma.
Hemangiomas usually appear as a well demarcated enhancing mass often containng phlebolith on CT scan.
Hemangioma with phlebolith has been reported in parotid and submandibular glands, mentalis muscle and buccal regions.
The presence of phleboliths are characteristic of VMs (16).