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tr.v. phle·bot·o·mized, phle·bot·o·miz·ing, phle·bot·o·miz·es
To perform phlebotomy on.

phle·bot′o·mist n.
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(fləˈbɒt ə mɪst)

1. a specialist in phlebotomy.
2. a nurse or other health worker trained in drawing venous blood for testing or donation.
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Noun1.phlebotomist - someone who practices phlebotomy
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
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n flebotomista mf, persona capacitada para extraer sangre
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Actually, I am not first if the phlebotomist is also collecting blood cultures to document or rule out a bacterial infection in the blood stream.
The solution should provide a suite of management reports to document details about phlebotomist activity, such as sign-in date/time, missed draws, patient draws per phlebotomist, number of patients drawn each hour, responsiveness to stat orders, etc.
One study showed that 11 percent of transfusion-related deaths were caused when the phlebotomist misidentified the patient or mislabeled the tube, reports Dennis J.
Instead of diminishing phlebotomy as a procedure any healthcare professional can perform with minimal or no training, administrators are learning it's not as easy as a good phlebotomist makes it look.
Keeping the Phlebotomist safe; and keeping the patient safe.
For the study, they recruited patients, ages 10 to 21 years, the patient's caregiver and the phlebotomist in the outpatient blood draw clinic, and randomized them to receive either standard of care, which typically includes a topical anesthetic cream or spray and a movie playing in the room, or standard of care plus the virtual reality game when undergoing routine blood draw.
The Lions are also looking for two more qualified phlebotomist to help process the expected numbers attending clinic.
Fly on the station wall series as seven ordinary people - from a dance teacher to a phlebotomist - endure training to become police officers.
He worked in automotive management with Firestone and Montgomery Ward before working as a phlebotomist until he retired.
Editors Warekois, Robinson, and Primrose present the 4th edition of this text for phlebotomist, medical technologist, medical assistant, laboratory technician, and nurse training programs, updated to reference the most common equipment, procedures, and guidelines.
HB 5011 would require anyone who holds him- or herself out as a phlebotomist to obtain certification by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
The workshop was aimed at enhancing skills of phlebotomist and receptionists at different collection points of Dow Lab in interior Sindh.