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1. Of or relating to phlogiston.
2. Of, relating to, or inducing inflammation or fever; inflammatory.


1. (Pathology) pathol of inflammation; inflammatory
2. (Chemistry) chem of, concerned with, or containing phlogiston


(floʊˈdʒɪs tɪk)

1. Pathol. inflammatory.
2. pertaining to or consisting of phlogiston.
[1725–35; < Greek phlogist(ós) inflammable (verbal adj. of phlogízein to set on fire; akin to phlox, phlegm) + -ic]
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The analyses were performed from randomized trials in which the acute edema of the hind paw was measured after administration of carrageenan, a phlogistic agent commonly used in models of acute inflammation.
Immediately after the administration of the phlogistic agents, the animals were observed individually in the transparent glass cage observation chamber from 0 to 5 min (capsaicin), 0 to 15 min (glutamate), 15 to 45 min (PMA), or 0 to 10 min (bradykinin), respectively.
Lymph nodes are more frequently involved in young patients (less than 30 years old); they are initially firm, painful, and hypertrophic, and later, they develop phlogistic signs and suppuration [1, 2].
The symptomatology is more exuberant, where a recent history of volumetric breast enlargement, accompanied by stiffness and local phlogistic signs, are often reported.
The maximum phlogistic response of histamine was observed 1 h after the injection of histamine.
The commonly employed method for evaluating and screening anti-inflammatory activity is assessing the ability to inhibit edema produced by injecting phlogistic agent in hind paw of rat [58].
The anti-inflammatory activity of NSAIDs tests on carrageenan-induced paw edema was most pronounced 1 h after the injection of the phlogistic agent.
In my practice as a plastic surgeon, I have found myself understanding that to obtain good post-operative results according to the intensity that varies from minor to major operations (the majority are very intense operations), the repair phlogistic [inflammation) resolution, edema and the scar tissue are all key factors to success.
For instance, it was demonstrated that LPS and fMLP (derived from Escherichia coli) and CG (phlogistic agent derived from algae Chondrus crispus), are capable of increasing cytokines release and migration of neutrophils to inflammatory sites by up-regulating the expressions of p38, ERK1/2 and JNK (Azuma et al.
Data revealed that 133 (65.5%) patients from the oncological and hematological clinics had health complications and that 113 (55.7%) of the charts did not have any annotations on phlogistic signs made by the nursing team.
Indeed, XOR has been implicated in the defense against infectious diseases because of its capability of activating the cellular phlogistic response at various levels (reviewed in [30]).