phone cord

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: cord - the telephone wire that connects to the handsetphone cord - the telephone wire that connects to the handset
telegraph line, telegraph wire, telephone line, telephone wire - the wire that carries telegraph and telephone signals
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City police, said Ridzma Udday Alih, 59, owner of RUA Pension Inn, was found inside the room in a prone position, an electrical extension wire and cellular phone cord tied around her neck.
On April 16, Walker wrapped a phone cord around her neck and tried to throw her over the banister of their home.
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A man in Dalian, China, had a 3-foot-long phone cord surgically removed from his urethra, according to reports. 
On two occasions I thought there was something wrong with the phone cord. I would check it and found it in order.
Majorca police were holding Warren Lyttle, 50, after wife Lisa Jane died yesterday, apparently strangled with a phone cord. A spokesman for Spain's Guardia Civil police said: "A man confessed during the call to killing his wife."
After drifting for hours or days, the rope suddenly kinks like an overtwisted phone cord, pushing solar material outward as a CME.
My sidesplitter that he performed a rendition of: holding up a phone cord without a receiver and calling the device "the phoneless cord." A few years later, I competed against him on Star Search, a TV talent show, and won.
Their struggles to survive make their gun-metal gray furniture and abandoned Styrofoam coffee cups all the more appealing--at least to anyone who once sat at desks like these, wheeled backward on squeaky chairs and fiddled with a tangled phone cord while scribbling notes for the next day's story.
He was 17 when he and a friend battered gay Mr Williams, 63, and strangled him with a phone cord during a robbery at his bungalow.
When we went we had to plug a phone cord into one of these "loo lines".
As we spoke, phone in one hand, the other hand stretching my tangled phone cord to near breaking point, I grabbed any clothes I could find.