phone jack

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: jack - a jack for plugging in a telephonephone jack - a jack for plugging in a telephone  
jack - an electrical device consisting of a connector socket designed for the insertion of a plug
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Meanwhile, the ACR31 Swipe is a phone jack card reader that supports high and low coercivity magnetic stripe cards and can read tracks 1 and 2 of most ISO7810 and ISO7811-compliant cards, as well as cards compliant to JIS1 and JIS2 standards.
Now you can park extra handsets all over the house even if there's not a phone jack in sight.
a provider of the nation's leading digital television service with more than 12 million customers, has approved the use of the Wireless Phone Jack for Modems with their set top boxes.
90 data modem built into the CDP base, rather than needing access to a phone jack.
If a phone jack is available, the appraiser can plug his or her laptop into a phone line and connect to the network.
Instant-on means no booting up; just click a button and get to work A 56K modem lets you surf and get e-mail from any standard phone jack via your ISP dial-up.
Simply plug it directly into a phone jack, turn it on and type away.
The Divx player is a DVD-Video player with a phone jack.
Along with Easy Hang Up, Phonex is also the manufacturer of the original Wireless Phone Jack technology, wireless modem jacks, wireless Web jacks, international 220 volt wireless phone jacks, and wireless speakers using its patented wireless technology.
developer of wireless phone extension systems, has honored Thomson Consumer Electronics for its role in shipping more than one million units of the company's Wireless Phone Jack to the U.