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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: jack - a jack for plugging in a telephonephone jack - a jack for plugging in a telephone  
jack - an electrical device consisting of a connector socket designed for the insertion of a plug
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While current network connections use twisted-pair cables or fiber optics, that old-fashioned RJ-11 phone jack plays a critical role in the modern computer network.
Another reader also pointed the shortfall - "Photos centric phone I can say but with out expansion of storage n head phone jack big big negative point."
Other standard features include 9-foot ceilings on the main level, basements per plan, two-panel white painted interior doors, walk-in closets, pre-wired CAT 5c phone jack and RG6 quad shield TV jacks, and direct wire smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with battery backups.
If you have DSL service, plug the modem/router into the phone jack closest to the center of your house (or buy a longer phone cable to reach the center).
This LED TV comes with additional accessories like a QWERTY Keyboard with 6 axis joystick to enhance the native gaming & social networking experience along with an Inbuilt mike & ear phone jack which provides utmost privacy during video calling / VOIP.
The fully sealed design, including a waterA[degrees]resistant earA[degrees] phone jack, keeps dust particles out and protects against water damage for up to 30 minutes of submergence at a depth of 1m.
They tend to be aluminum cylinders with one AA battery and a little phone jack. They just don't work; you can't get enough power out of one AA to charge a cell phone, but people are spending good money on these things," he said.
Meanwhile, the ACR31 Swipe is a phone jack card reader that supports high and low coercivity magnetic stripe cards and can read tracks 1 and 2 of most ISO7810 and ISO7811-compliant cards, as well as cards compliant to JIS1 and JIS2 standards.
It connects to a music source by Bluetooth or 3.5-millimeter phone jack, and pumps out very good sound.
But, those lucky enough to have a corded phone that plugs into a traditional phone jack may still have phone service without worrying about finding a place to recharge their cellphone or if a cell tower is down.
Like the V-Phone, it plugs into your computer's USB port but has a phone jack at the other end so a regular telephone can be used (users who prefer headsets must plug directly into the computer).