phone message

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: message - a message transmitted by telephonephone message - a message transmitted by telephone  
message - a communication (usually brief) that is written or spoken or signaled; "he sent a three-word message"
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Barbara Layer, president of Lake Park High School District 108, didn't return a phone message seeking comment.
MIRTH ON MENU: Pair share a funny phone message and a giggle over drinks at a restaurant in glitzy Mayfair
Meanwhile, the PPPP district president Jowhar Ali Khan Advocate via cell phone message has strongly condemned attack on life of party vice chief and demanded early arrest of the nominated culprits.
A phone message left for Bullock's publicist Cheryl Maisel (mye-ZELL') wasn't immediately returned.
Pistorius referred to a phone message Ms Steenkamp sent him in late January 2013 when she said she was sometimes "scared" of the double-amputee Olympic athlete, who "picked" on her.
It reportedly received more than 1 million mobile phone message responses so far, The Asian Age newspaper reported.
During the day a phone message began circulating asking residents to reject the delegation's visit to their city.
Investigators said Richey was at his home in Tupelo, Mississippi, when he left the phone message for county judge Randall Basinger, warning that he was coming to get him.
She explains that Ashley recently got a job as a model in Miami, and plays a phone message from her daughter, who sounds rather distressed.
Test subjects who doodled while listening to a two-and-a-half-minute phone message remembered details from the recording 29 percent better than those who didn't doodle.
Your ability to listen to a phone message in one ear while a friend is talking into your other ear - and comprehend what both are saying - is an important communication skill thata[euro](tm)s heavily influenced by your genes, say researchers of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), one of the National Institutes of Health.
Mike Wilson, Bicoastal's president and CEO, was not at his office and did not return a phone message on Monday.