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intr.v. phreaked, phreak·ing, phreaks Slang
To manipulate a telephone system illicitly to allow one to make calls without paying for them.

[Alteration of freak (influenced by phone).]

phreak′er n.


(Telecommunications) the act of gaining unauthorized access to telecommunication systems, esp to obtain free calls
[C20: blend of freaking + phone]
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Aresurgence of the old days of "phone phreaking"--hacking into phone systems--led to a crackdown late last year on "swatting," a more aggressive type of phone phreaking.
Blind from birth, he burst onto the phone phreaking scene late 2004 when a neighbor gave him the number of a telephone party line called the Boston Raven.
The surprisingly lengthy history of "hacking"--stretching back before the personal-computer era to '60s countercultural "phone phreaking"--is limned in Jennifer Read's diverting docu "Owned." Issues of cyber-age privacy, information access, free speech and subterfuge have been explored in prior nonfictioners.