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your ex might have encouraged the phone sex, knowing you were interested in someone else.
The phone sex operator and its affiliates say they occupy more than 90% of the ad space in all men's adult magazines.
According to the Huffington Post, the phone number belonged to a Pennsylvania-based phone sex company called Lust.
Then late one night, Lauren overhears her flatmate as a phone sex operator and suggests setting up their own operation called 1900-MMM-HMMM.
One of the most interesting documentaries of the week, My Phone Sex Secrets (Channel 4, 10pm) follows new recruit Rosa, who spent weeks unsuccessfully trying to find work before deciding to try this approach to keeping her bank balance in the black.
I personally think aural sex, or phone sex, is one of the best predictors of face-to-face sexual chemistry there is," added Currie.
A lorry driver "day dreaming" about mobile phone sex texts he had been sending and receiving crashed into the back of a tractor and trailer, killing the driver, a court heard yesterday.
In the opening episode, Kate Winslet is playing a beatific nun in a Holocaust film the pair are working on when she overhears Maggie saying her new boyfriend likes phone sex.
Do you want to learn how to have stellar phone sex or how to nab a new nympho for your "serious" anal?
Caleb (Scott Lunsford, left), who's straight, starts having phone sex with the sexually aggressive Gwen (Emily Stiles), who thinks Caleb is gay and just gun-shy with her gay roommate, Marc (Ryan Carnes, below), who is sitting right next to Caleb while he's on the phone with Gwen.
Screaming vocals, clashing chords and all sung down a bad phone sex line, make a sure-fire floor filler.