phone up

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يَتَّصِل هاتِفِيّاً
hringja í
telefonla konuşmak

w>phone up

vt sepanrufen
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(fəun) noun
a telephone. We were talking on the phone.
to telephone (a person, message or place). I'll phone you this evening.
ˈphone book noun
a telephone directory. Look up his number in the phone book.
ˈphone booth noun
= telephone booth.
ˈphone box noun
= telephone box.
ˈphone call noun
a telephone call. I need to make a phone call; You had a (phone) call from Ron.
ˈphonecard noun
a plastic card for making calls from a public telephone box.
phone up
to (try to) speak to (someone) by means of the telephone. I'll phone (him) up and ask about it.
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