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Shocking images show green, pink and transparent syringes dumped in and around a phonebox opposite Wyndcliffe Primary School in Small Heath.
Their ideas include a free phonebox on either side of the barrage for strangers to chat to each other, augmented reality binoculars revealing the history and future of the bay and "smart surfaces" that would display information such as the water quality of the bay and the weather forecast.
Gareth Edwin Pengelly was found outside the phonebox in Llanelli town centre with a bloodied hand and a broken wine bottle.
Axia also works with Broadcast Bionics PhoneBOX call-screening software, which combines a purpose-built broadcast call-routing and messaging engine with a software interface to compliment workflows.
This week we remember the American who installed the first phonebox in Hartford, Connecticut.
LINE OF THE DAY "You've ruined the realism," moans Malky Mackay as the BBC introduce a woman into the world of the magical phonebox man and his dustbin enemies.
Other significant figures include members of one of Britain's biggest cocaine rings - a plot run from a Liverpool city centre phonebox that was worth a potential PS4bn.
She called her mother Valerie from a phonebox at the seafront to say she was would be travelling home for the weekend but never arrived.
The Phonebox with inductive charging couples the smartphone to the roof antenna and simultaneously charges it wirelessly.
The Skoda Phonebox with inductive charging connects the smartphone to the roof aerial and charges it wirelessly.
I'd write my report in longhand and he would run down to a phonebox and phone it over to a copytaker in Newcastle.