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It has recently licensed a mobile phone store franchise in Scotland - the first of its kind for Phonebox and the pilot for a national rollout.
It's always sounded to me like being shouted at in a phonebox by a Socialist Worker paper seller with an LA accent and a speededup Uriah Heep record in the background.
A SEX attacker molested a woman in a phonebox outside a nightclub as she called for a taxi.
The 17-year-old, too young to be named, was spotted by a member of the public stenciling his tag on a phonebox in Mast Lane, Cullercoats, North Tyneside.
The phonebox had also been smashed up and there are empty bottles of beer everywhere.
The number came up on my phone and the police were able to trace it, but it could be a phonebox for all I know."
Three lads on a hot summer day went into a phone box nearby, oblivious to the hundreds of people milling around, got changed into their cossieswent into the fountain, played for hours, went back and got changed in the phonebox.
But he could not control one in a phonebox. Balde might be an expert at making money - but ask him to make a pass and he's bang in trouble.
Clair's mum Wendy, of Walker, said: "The two of them had to walk to a public phonebox and reverse the charges.
Gas worker Paddy Stanley, 16, the oldest in a family of 10, walked into a nearby phonebox just minutes before the bomb exploded.
Last year saw deals worth some pounds 800,000 with local IT firm Target Systems UK and national mobile phone company Phonebox UK.