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 (fə-nē′mĭk, fō-)
1. Of or relating to phonemes.
2. Of or relating to phonemics.
3. Serving to distinguish phonemes or distinctive features.

pho·ne′mi·cal·ly adv.


(fəˈniːmɪk) or


1. (Linguistics) of or relating to the phoneme
2. (Phonetics & Phonology) relating to or denoting speech sounds that belong to different phonemes rather than being allophonic variants of the same phoneme. Compare phonetic2
3. (Linguistics) of or relating to phonemics
phoˈnemically, ˌphoneˈmatically adv


(fəˈni mɪk, foʊ-)

1. of or pertaining to phonemes: a phonemic system.
2. of or pertaining to phonemics.
3. concerning or involving the discrimination of distinctive speech elements of a language: a phonemic contrast.
pho•ne′mi•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.phonemic - of or relating to phonemes of a particular language; "phonemic analysis"
Adv.1.phonemic - by phonemics; "phonemically transcribed"


[fəʊˈniːmɪk] ADJfonémico


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In the Brazilian context, studies developed on phonemic acquisition have primarily tackled speech production investigation, that is, when and how children reach the target production in their language (LAMPRECHT et al.
Kindergarten: Letter Recognition, Phonological Awareness, Phonemic Blending, Segmentation And Manipulation, And Decoding;
The seminar comes as part of the strategic research project entitled Development of the Reading Level of the 1stgrade and kindergarten pupils through a program based on phonemic and phonological awareness.
Similarly, a study on the effects of low-frequency (10 Hz) and high-frequency (130 Hz) DBS-STN on semantic and phonemic verbal fluency found that performance on all VF tasks was significantly better for the low-frequency condition [12].
The product is designed to be used as a full-year curriculum program with instruction on developing oral language, comprehension, phonemic awareness, decoding skills (phonics, analogy, context, and word recognition), fluency, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, and grammar.
Method: Three hundred adults divided into three age groups (19-39; 40-59; 60-75) and two groups of educational level (2 to 7 years; 8 years or more) performed unconstrained, semantic, and phonemic VFTs.
Nonetheless, researchers that embarked on this topic did point out that what interpreters loosely refer to as a 'foreign accent' goes far beyond phonemic deviations and extend to 'prosodic, lexical and syntactic deviations' (Pochhacker, 2004, p.
Phonemic awareness is a critical early reading skill that gives students a strong foundation for beginning reading.
This volume is an easy-to-read, teacher-friendly book that elaborates on the five core reading strategies of an efficient reading program: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
When discrimination is related to speech sounds, two terms are found in the literature: auditory discrimination and phonemic discrimination.