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 (fə-nē′mĭk, fō-)
1. Of or relating to phonemes.
2. Of or relating to phonemics.
3. Serving to distinguish phonemes or distinctive features.

pho·ne′mi·cal·ly adv.


(fəˈniːmɪk) or


1. (Linguistics) of or relating to the phoneme
2. (Phonetics & Phonology) relating to or denoting speech sounds that belong to different phonemes rather than being allophonic variants of the same phoneme. Compare phonetic2
3. (Linguistics) of or relating to phonemics
phoˈnemically, ˌphoneˈmatically adv


(fəˈni mɪk, foʊ-)

1. of or pertaining to phonemes: a phonemic system.
2. of or pertaining to phonemics.
3. concerning or involving the discrimination of distinctive speech elements of a language: a phonemic contrast.
pho•ne′mi•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.phonemic - of or relating to phonemes of a particular language; "phonemic analysis"
Adv.1.phonemic - by phonemics; "phonemically transcribed"


[fəʊˈniːmɪk] ADJfonémico


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which are not phonemically distinct) in many cases can be shown to come from an earlier bilabial, *p or *b.
1999), the researchers compared the item recall performance of three different conditions of word lists: rhymed condition versus phonemically similar but not rhymed condition versus phonologically dissimilar condition.
Yet another class consists of more or less covered * qali/kali- words, such as mtaan 'jenis tawon dim lubang yg berair', which seems to reflect a phonemically irregular base of PMP *qari-nuan 'a small bee.
Today, in spite of a range of terms that people themselves hold is of Mota origin, there is no concept in Sia Raga that resembles mana phonemically (Taylor 2008).
Explicit instruction in phonemic awareness and phonemically based decoding skills as an intervention strategy for struggling readers in whole language classrooms.
Particularly, active student involvement and extended practice opportunities with phonemically decodable texts were found to be beneficial to students with lower entering reading abilities at the 1st-grade level (Foorman, Francis, Fletcher, Schatschneider, & Mehta, 1998; Juel & Minden-Cupp, 2000).
Excluding all the possible instances of reduplication caused by West Germanic gemination, and those which are mere clusters of two originally separate consonants, Foley (1903) gives a list of 98 words with <CC> digraphs representing phonemically single consonants.
In his book, Language in Literature (1987), Jakobson identifies the hallmark of prosody as the correspondence of same sounds for a musical purpose: "Paronomasia, a semantic confrontation of phonemically similar words irrespective of any etymological connection.
As has been noted, by ourselves and others, Ulimaroa cannot be phonemically correct, since no Polynesian language (with the exception of a handful of outliers in Melanesia whose phonology has been enriched by borrowing) has more than one liquid (i.
A section of the Book Review is dedicated to the activities related to the Pakistan's first National Book Day which was phonemically participated by a large number of book lovers, students, teachers, members of the civil society and general public.
The business model has been phonemically successful.
Therefore, it is not yet possible for us to claim any distinct linguistic features that are common to all speakers of Zimbabwean English, but, for example, we cannot deny the fact that its speakers avoid complex vowels such as phonemically long vowels, diphthongs and triphthongs in their speech.