Phonetic spelling

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spelling in phonetic characters, each representing one sound only; - contrasted with Romanic spelling, or that by the use of the Roman alphabet.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A seventh-grade dropout, he became a street photographer who was willing to go wherever and whenever the story took him, and he had little compunction about embellishing a photo's composition to "give the truth some extra help." His nickname was one that he himself advanced, suggesting that he was a human Ouija board, able to arrive as events were unfolding (he went with the phonetic spelling, "Weegee," "to make it easier for the fan mail.").
32-34) that the diachronic development of the mixed logographic-phonetic system of the Anatolian hieroglyphs is not, as previously assumed (for this system and more generally), a linear progressive one from entirely logographic to fully phonetic spelling; the use of a logographic "determinative" plus full phonetic spelling is the endpoint and the product of full phonetic spelling alone, not vice-versa.
"The head of the South Sudanese delegation Lt Gen Cheik Raj Elith (phonetic spelling from Arabic) stressed the keenness of his country to remove all the obstacles hindering the work of the committee," said the statement.
Other documents rely on phonetic spelling and are impossible to understand without reading aloud.
The star told the publication that two years ago she reached a point in which she felt like her life was out of control, and ended up getting the phonetic spelling of the word "Sanity" as a tattoo.
The Qatari Phrasebook app is divided into different sections (including greetings, shopping, transportation, weather, and finance) and provides users with the Arabic text, spoken pronunciation, and phonetic spelling of each term.
What about if I create something that is cheap and easy to use?'" said Fazza, an Arabic language instructor at GU-Q."The common mobile applications we have are for Modern Standard Arabic you will find very few applications that have something to do with the dialects." The Qatari Phrasebook app is divided into different sections (including greetings, shopping, transportation, weather and finance) and provides users with the Arabic text, spoken pronunciation and phonetic spelling of each term.
The people who put the standards together know what the research says about this--that's why they put phonetic spelling in Language Standard 2 at K and 1.
Apparently, a staff made a last minute change in the cue card, writing Idina's name in phonetic spelling to make it easier for John.
We created a brand intrigue; Baembu is actually the phonetic spelling of bamboo and people don't know how to spell it and so it has intrigue.
Translations will appear instantly on the screen of the device in the chosen language, giving users the chance to read the word or phrase, with the help of phonetic spelling. Formal, casual and slang settings will also be available.
With each entry offering a phonetic spelling, a definition, and a sample sentence demonstrating usage-all cemented by pictures or symbols-this is a good, specific approach for any interested in American healthcare language and its slang terms: especially for those where English is a second language.