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also pho·ney  (fō′nē)
adj. pho·ni·er, pho·ni·est
1. Not genuine or real; sham or counterfeit: a phony credit card; a phony beard.
2. Spurious, deceptive, or false: a phony excuse.
3. Fraudulent, deceitful, or dishonest: a phony expert in investing.
n. pl. pho·nies also pho·neys
1. A fraudulent or dishonest person.
2. Something that is not genuine; a fake.

[Alteration of fawney, gilt brass ring used by swindlers, from Irish Gaelic fáinne, ring, from Old Irish.]

pho′ni·ly adv.
pho′ni·ness n.
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informal in a phoney manner
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Keep it active and brief, so the actors can perform naturally, instead of (phonily) artistically-with similarly believable and dynamic direction for good, organic measure!
Florence gets an eleventh-hour confessional as woundingly acted as it is phonily written.
Recently, he revealed that Bush was guilty of the very accounting shenanigans he was phonily condemning corporations such as Enron and WorldCom for using.