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(word root) sound
Examples of words with the root phono-: phonograph
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The turntable should also have a phono system that is integrated for direct connection to external amplifiers for quality audio playback.
It plays vinyl records (45rpm singles and 33-1/3) and has a Class D power amplifier (80W per chan- nel into 4ohms, or 50W per channel into 8 ohms) along with vacuum tubes pre-amp and a phono preamp housed in a custom shielding box that prevents noise making its way into the vinyl signal.
The Merrill Audio PURE Tape Head Preamp takes its designed cues from the famed Jens Phono stage and circuit designer, Jens Waale.
It was also a special occasion for a keynote on 'MICE Industry 4.0: The Beginning of the Phono Sapiens Era,' the Gyeonggi-do MICE Awards ceremony, the Gyeonggi MICE Business Plan Report 2019 and the 'Declaration for Pyeongtaek City's MICE Vision.' There were also live entertainment and lots of networking.
This sleek belt-driven turntable has a built-in phono preamp.
In order to extract the vaunted superior sound quality of analog recordings from the grooves, you also have to shell out considerable cash for a decent turntable, decent cartridge and stylus (or what used to be called the 'needle'), and a stereo system with a phono input, all of which will set you back at least several thousands of pesos.
For example, there are eight HDMI inputs and two outputs, three coaxial and three optical digital ins, four 12V trigger outs, five stereo analog ins (including a dedicated phono input), 14 XLR channel outputs, 16 channels' worth of multi-channel RCA outs, and two RS-232 ports.
The tournament also included players working in Ooredoo's head office from other organizations, such as Huawei, FASTtelco, Phono, as well as the security officers in the building.
This one has a WTB 303 phono cartridge tonearm and a 30 mm, six kg full aluminium platter, with the platter mat carefully designed using a natural leather and acrylic combination to snuff out damp resonances and vibrations within the record.
July 16-17, 2016 Session #1010 (Orlando, FL) EKG and Phono
These tend to sport ceramic phono cartridges with a heavy tracking force that quickly wear out your treasured long players.