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(word root) sound
Examples of words with the root phono-: phonograph
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For example, there are eight HDMI inputs and two outputs, three coaxial and three optical digital ins, four 12V trigger outs, five stereo analog ins (including a dedicated phono input), 14 XLR channel outputs, 16 channels' worth of multi-channel RCA outs, and two RS-232 ports.
The tournament also included players working in Ooredoo's head office from other organizations, such as Huawei, FASTtelco, Phono, as well as the security officers in the building.
July 16-17, 2016 Session #1010 (Orlando, FL) EKG and Phono
These tend to sport ceramic phono cartridges with a heavy tracking force that quickly wear out your treasured long players.
As more cars are equipped with in in-dash media players featuring phono jacks for audio inputs, smartphones are also becoming the primary source for audio entertainment.
The term phono surgery was developed by von leden in the 1960's and refers to surgical procedures that maintain or improve the human voice.
On Sunday, October 18, he receives the German Phono Academy's Lifetime Achievement Award.
Its built-in switchable phono preamp enables it to be used with a wide variety of music and home entertainment systems, powered speakers, and A/V receivers that do not include a dedicated phono input.
Throw in a phono equalizer and Powered Zone 2 and you've got a value-packed powerhouse ready for the next wave of high-resolution entertainment.
After signing to Jack To Phono Records, playing a UK tour and a sold-out EP launch back in 2011, the band have built up a large, loyal fan base in Liverpool and around the country, releasing their EP Shadows in August last year.
at MH Rawalpindi ,installed cardiac facilities like phono cardiography and others .