phonograph needle

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Noun1.phonograph needle - a stylus that formerly made sound by following a groove in a phonograph record
stylus - a sharp pointed device attached to the cartridge of a record player
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To do this, he stuck a phonograph needle inside his acoustic guitar and wired it to radio speakers that he had borrowed from his parents.
I plan to celebrate my inability to choose by dropping the phonograph needle on 1957's Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians in Hi-Fi and settling into an easy chair with a blender of frozen daiquiris.
In "Primal Sound," an essay written in 1919, Rainer Maria Rilke fantasizes about dropping a phonograph needle into a skull's coronal suture (the line created by the fusing of bone plates during infancy):
The last note finished, and no music was there, no self, no Jane, no room, only the repeating click of a phonograph needle approaching over and over the central spindle and falling back to reapproach again; beyond that, darkness and audible rain extended without any limit in every direction, a vastness into whose ship's hold I had vanished.