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Noun1.phonological system - the system of phones used in a particular language
tonal system, tone system - the system of tones used in a particular language or dialect of a tone language
language system - a system of linguistic units or elements used in a particular language
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In typical phonological acquisition, the mastery of the phonological system of a target language is spontaneously reached, in an age sequence common to most children (between four and six years of age).
He shows how the comparative method was used to reconstruct the Proto-Indo-European phonological system and then proceeds to provide sketches of Proto-Kartvelian, Proto-Afrasian, Proto-Uralic, Proto-Dravidian, Proto-Altaic, and Proto-Nostratic phonologies.
In these papers from the symposium of 2003, participants describe their work toward a Tibeto-Burman theory with such topics as the Mon language which preceded Burmese as a literary language, the problems presented by the old Tibetan syllable, the primary syntactic categories of the case system in Old Tibetan, Classical Tibetan and modern dialect forms, the evolution of the Burmese phonological system, the Rgyalrong dialect, a little-known text in the early Yi language, the theoretical problem of grammatical iconicity, and a comparison of Tibeto-Burman and Chinese.
Before any new sound from a second language is understood as being part of the phonological system of that language by a student, it remains a sensory experience, a noise rather than a sound.
The input is highly important in the construction of the phonological system of sounds of the mother tongue.
The increased N400 for small neighborhood words is thought to reflect additional semantic processing that is required for these words due to delayed processing in the phonological system.
They address syntactic and extrasyntactic aspects and consequences of ChomskyAEs AaAaAeA Problems of ProjectionsAaAaAeA and its extensions; how a phase-theoretical framework, labeling interacts with cyclic transfer; how labeling interacts with the sensorimotor component and affects linear order and how properties of the phonological system can be associated with labeling; and open class lexical units and the topmost sentential node.
Since the phonological system of the dialect exhibits transitory
The heritage Spanish phonetic/ phonological system: Looking back and moving forward.
Originally the Ndebele phonological system did not have the voiced alveolar trill [r], it is now part of Ndebele at least spoken due to influence from languages like English, Shona, Sotho and Venda; instances of the alveolar trill in Ndebele are irori 'lorry' and irabha 'rubber'.